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The Unloved Duckling
Once upon a time there was a young duckling. From birth she knew she was different. She did not look like her brothers and sister; they were beautiful and stunning where she was ugly and dull. Her mother wished the duckling was more beautiful and impressive, but the duckling could only disappoint. Her mother and siblings constantly abused her verbally, never daring to touch her ugly form. She was truly unloved. The ugly duckling did not despaired though, for she knew deep down that she was actually a young swan. Her youth would pass in grey ugliness, but upon maturation she would emerge a graceful and beautiful swan.
But it was not meant to be. The duckling never grew into a swan. She remained as she was, an ugly duck. Her siblings grew more beautiful and her mother grew more disappointed. And the ugly duck only grew despair and a broken heart, for no one would love an ugly duck.
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In This World
I'm all alone, in this large, busy world.
Everyone seems to have a job while I'm just holed up in my room.
I find people to talk to, but only through the internet.
They might as well be imaginary friends.
Voices I only hear the echoes of, but never see the face behind.
There is no one to talk to, no one to bond with.
It's just me in this empty, silent world of mine.
I push myself to do something, but my resolve always fades.
Even doing nothing leaves me burned out.
Talking to my self is the only conversation I have daily.
There is only one comfort I have, in this empty life.
No one can ever see my tears.
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The Bitterness of Being Classy As Hell
Just a little tribute to my favorite Ace Attorney character. No, it's not in Godot's perspective, it's in mine, but please enjoy. I decided to post this since I couldn't update my other Fic, Fallen Insert this weekend.
It was a cold, frost dusted morning. Even though it was past seven, the sun hadn't risen over the iced Canadian horizon just yet. I eye my alarm clock, 7:45 it said, reminding me that I had formed the bad habit of sleeping in past my alarm. I toss back the covers and swing my feet off the bed. I creep through the darkness and pull my door open, unveiling the hallway, dark as black coffee. Silently I move into the bathroom and flick on the light, the first splash of brightness of my day. With a cloth soaking in hot water I wring it out, the water scalding my hand so fiercely I can barely hold the washcloth. I bring it to my oily face and scrub it clean; my slate one again blank for the day ah
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You Can't Know Me!
You can't hear me
You can't see me
How do you think
that makes me feel?
This sharp pain in my chest
you don't see it
you won't even listen about it
is that your guilt I see?
You tell me all these thing I should do
so why don't you follow through?
stop, this vomit, this hatred
is all caused by you
What makes the other three so important?
The attention you give, the money you spend
Those three get all they want while in pain
yet I'm cautioned against it
you think I'm just being needy!?
what do you know of my pain!?
My greatest moments
my lowest point
there's a reason why
you don't see them
Can you feel my scorn?
I smirk to myself
this 'fake world' I inhabit
this world you hate so much
your rejection pushed me here
where I slander you for all to see
isn't it poetic?
You never realised
this knife in my chest
it was your doing…
No one said I had to love you
yet my heart calls out just the same
(it's natural, right?)
Maybe I should pull this knife
from deep in my chest
the red blood rem
:iconregalbryantlover:RegalBryantLover 1 5
Can't You See Me?
Why do I feel so invisible?
Can you even see me?
I'm always sitting on my own
crying in plain sight
barely holding back the pain
but you never notice
You want me where you can see me
yet you ignore me anyways
stop, I think I hate you
You support the others
no matter how dark their time of need
while mine is trivial
Why share my plans with you?
You never hear them anyways
Maybe I should run away
Are you scared yet?
I want to come out of
this empty world I hide in,
but you only scold me
when I have nowhere else to go
I clutch my plushie friends
while sobbing late at night
can't you see my pain?
No one said I had to love you
yet my heart calls out just the same
(it's natural, right?)
Why can't you understand me?
This rejection is too much
If I did disappear would you notice?
Would you even worry
when you don't see me anyways?
not even good times lift my spirits for long
(am I that depressed?)
How can I observe your need
for peace and rest
when your soul is broken, from twenty paces
even t
:iconregalbryantlover:RegalBryantLover 2 0
Can't You Hear Me?
Why won't you listen?
Can you even hear me?
I'm pounding on the glass
until it starts to crack.
The impending pain
isn't worth your attention
You tell me to embrace your interests
but you never tell me them
stop, I feel like I'll vomit
I know the others need you
but they all have 'someone special'
while I'm screaming alone
Why don't I share
my achievements with you?
Maybe I want to spite you
Does it hurt yet?
I work so hard making you a place
inside this world of mine
since you won't do the same,
yet you still don't enter
I'm screaming out from behind
this broken glass
can't you hear me yet?
No one said I had to love you
yet my heart calls out just the same
(it's natural, right?)
Maybe the glass will break
and pierce my heart
The pain will still remind me of you
even before the glass mutes me
you still don't hear my screams
not even sweets bring my appetite back
(is my heart that broken?)
How is it I hear your whispers
as they filter down the stairs?
when my screams can't reach you
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Alice Bryant
Okay, first off I'm not much of an artist so don't expect any drawings from me, but I am a photographer so I will be uploading those pics instead.
I may even post a few of my fics here so that other people who don't read fan fics on may see them.

I'm a pretty nice person who's married to Regal Bryant (Tales of Symphonia) in my mind. I'm a little silly at times, but have been mistaken for an adult numberous times. I hope you enjoy my photos!

❒ Taken
❒ Single
✔ Mentally Dating a Character That Doesn't Actually Exist
*Flops* Might as well make some use of my dA account and post stuff here I want to vent about.

I'm usually off on Tumblr RPing, but right now I just feel drained from it. I love that one person is always excited to interact with my Regal, but it's getting to the point of stressing me out. Regal may know cooking and stuff, but I don't. I know cheese omelets and fried rice. *siiighs* oh well. Person doesn't mean any hard and is just being friendly. Just need to figure out how to say 'calm/slow down' to the mun.
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